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Yard Security, Protecting The Property Around Your Home

Yard Security Ideas, Tips And Techniques

The following yard security ideas, tips and techniques will help you protect the property that surrounds your home.


The purpose of this type of protection is to deter intruders from approaching your home. It should also notifying you the moment someone has trespassed on your property. This type of external security measure is also commonly referred to as yard safety.

At first glance, the exterior of your home should look secure and difficult to penetrate. A good yard security measure is to make sure that your yard and lawn are protected by a exterior DIY home security alarm system that trip the siren the moment someone walks on to your property.
You should also install exterior DIY surveillance cameras and make them highly visible to would-be intruders. In today’s world, the yard and lawn alarm system and the surveillance cameras are required home security equipment. They’re vital to good yard security. The two main discouraging factors to career burglars are yard and lawn perimeter alarms and security cameras. These security measures are often times the main reasons why burglars choose to abandon their burglary attempts.


Chain-Link Security Fence – A security fence around your yard and lawn with a solid gate that’s kept locked is a great idea. It will keep intruders out. Do not install a wooden fence however. It may look good, but it can also provide cover for burglars. A better choice is a chain-link fence. They’re strong and durable. They also provide the added benefit of high visibility. They provide better yard security because burglars can’t hide behind them. Make sure that the trees and shrubs on your property are well trimmed. There are two good reasons for this.

  • The first reason is to make sure that the trees and shrubs on your property cannot be used as a hiding place.
  • The second reason is to make sure that the trees and shrubs closest to your home are not hiding the doors and the windows.

If there are trees near your windows, cut off the lower branches. As a rule, branches above the six-foot mark are fine. This approach makes for better yard safety.


Home Security System Equipment – Prevent access to the first floor windows by growing prickly plants directly bellow the windows. Consider rose bushes. You may not consider rose bushes as typical DIY home security system equipment, but in this case, they are. They’re full of painful thorns and a burglar would think twice before painfully tangling himself up. As a side note, make sure that any trees you have growing near your home have their lower branches cut off. Trees can be climbed and (if close enough) can provide burglars easy access to the upper floor of a home. Allow for a clearance of  seven to eight feet.


Anti-Climb Paint – There should be no way for an intruder to climb to the upper levels of your home. Do you have a drainpipe that runs vertically up the side of a your house? It may be a security risk. Burglars can use the drainpipe as a ladder to gain access to the upper levels of your home. A good solution is to consider coating it with anti-climb paint. That will make it virtually impossible to climb.

Home Security Stickers And Signs – Get home security stickers and signs for your front yard and windows. Even if you don’t have a security system installed in your home, you can create the illusion that you do. The mere possibility that the home has an alarm system and a video surveillance system recording every motion is enough to scare most intruders away.

Click here for more information on how security decals, signs and stickers can help in the prevention home breakins and robberies.


Home Security Ideas –  With a little imagination you can create highly effective yet simple home security ideas. You can get a “Beware of Dog” sign and put it on your front lawn. Then get a big dog dish with water, and a huge dog bone and leave them on your front porch. Place them where they will be highly visible. Even if you don’t own a dog, you can give burglars and intruders the illusion that you own a really big dog. A dog dish and a dog bone can become home security equipment if you know how to use them. These ideas are really easy-to-implement and do not cost a lot.

Motion Detector Floodlight – Consider installing a motion detector floodlight on your property. The moment it detects movement, it illuminates the night and exposes the source of the movement. These work great over doorways and backyard. Another option you can consider is installing security lights on the exterior of your home to provide ample illumination for all the doors and windows. These type of lights are usually controlled by a photoelectric cell and automatically turn on the moment it gets dark outside. Intruders don’t want to be seen. They prefer to do their work in the dark. Lots of big bright lights and/or motion detecting lights are one of the best ways to deter them. This type of DIY yard safety feature is highly recommended.

And on a final yard security note…


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Shed Security – Garden sheds are prime targets for burglars and thieves. This is especially true if they’re stand-alone structures located far away from the house. Practice good shed security. Keep them locked at all times.

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