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A DIY Personal Security Alarm, The Fourth Layer Of Protection

Life-Saving DIY Personal Security Alarm Devices

A diy personal security alarm can help you establish the fourth layer of protection by implementing the most appropriate last resort personal security devices. It’s the last line of defense between you and the intruder or any other possible danger.

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Specifically, it provides you with personal protection when all other security measures have failed and you are face-to-face with the threat. It’s also commonly referred to as a personal alarm system. The following components allow you call for help when conventional communication systems are disabled or unavailable to you.

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Alarm System Keypads – Your alarm system keypad is designed to do more than arm and disarm your alarm system. It also includes emergency call buttons for the Police department, the Fire department, and Medical services. If the telephone line is cut and you have no other way to communicate with the outside world, your alarm system keypad can save your life.

Panic Buttons – A panic button is another way for you to notify the authorities in a crisis situation. It works much the same way that the emergency call buttons work on an alarm system keypad. You press the button to call for help. The difference is that the panic button is a wireless hand held device that looks something like your car alarm key chain remote.

Panic buttons now are included as a standard component in most alarm systems. Medical services exist for seniors that provide panic button unit transmitters as neck pendants, wrist bands, and belt clips. These units are commonly referred to as medical alarm panic buttons. In the event of an emergency, the elderly person can press the button on their unit transmitter and call for medical assistance.


Key Chain Alarms – Another personal safety alarm device that you can have is a key chain alarm. It’s a personal protection device that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s not connected to your alarm system. It works independently. Once you activate the alarm, it lets out an ear-piercing ring that’s unbearable to listen to. They are also referred to as matchbook alarms.

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– they’re legal to carry everywhere (even on airplanes) and so simple to use.

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