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Home Security Tips, How to Discourage Burglars From Targeting Your Home

Home Security Tips Designed To
Discourage Burglars

In order for DIY home security tips to be effective, they should address as many home security concerns and home security weaknesses as possible. They should also include at least one of the three basic security components.

The best way to do that is to divide the task of protecting your home into sections, and to address each section separately. Let’s start from the outside and work our way in. Let’s see how we can discourage those nasty burglars, prowlers and intruders.


Your Home’s Exterior – Make the exterior of your home un-appealing to burglars and intruders. Keep it neat and tidy. This shows that your home is well maintained and well protected.

The area surrounding your yard should be well lit up. Trees and bushes should not conceal your doors and windows or provide cover for someone to hide behind. There should be no way for a burglar to climb or have access to the second story windows.

Lawn gates and sheds should be kept locked at all times. This bit of home security advice is the easiest-to-apply, but the most overlooked by home owners.

You can also install exterior alarms and yard sensors to notify you when someone trespasses on your property. This are relatively inexpensive security measures that offer great results.


Secure Your Doors – Your exterior doors should be made of solid wood or metal. The wood should be at least 1 3/4 of an inch thick. The metal should have a minimum gauge of 24.

They should be equipped with double cylinder deadbolt locks. Metal plates on the door frames should reinforce the door jam and the hinges. Strike plates need to be securely fastened. Installing wide angle view peepholes is good idea.


Secure Your Windows – A protective layer of window film will make your windows more resistant to breakage.

Sash, double hung, and casement windows should be secured with the appropriate window locks. Depending on the neighborhood or your particular situation, window bars can be used as a permanent window security solution.

Wireless window alarm sensors can be used to detect the tampering or the breaking of a window.


Your Home’s Interior – Make sure that your doors and windows are always locked. Consider investing in alarm system to better protect your home.

The home security review page will help you to choose the right type of do-it-yourself home alarm system depending on your personal needs.

Fit your alarm with motion detectors, and a personal panic button that will call for help and avoid opening the door for unexpected visitors.

This includes out-of-the-blue deliveries, unexpected visits from utility company employees, or anyone else who comes calling unannounced.

This single piece of home security advice can save your life.


Securing Your Valuables – Use wall safes and diversion safes to secure anything you have of value. Anything you need to keep safe and secure. This can include:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash Money/Credit Cards
  • Stocks/Bonds/Certificates
  • Legal Documents
  • Firearms
  • Personal Items

A home security safe not only secures the contents from theft, but (depending on the safe) protect the contents from fire, water damage and natural disaters.

As an added security measure, your valuables can be engraved with serial numbers. This identifies the item as belonging to you. It can be tracked if thieves try to sell it or pawn it off.


Planning A Vacation – If you’re planning a vacation, don’t make it public knowledge.Tell only the people you trust and tell them not to tell anyone else. The less who know, the better.

Make sure your mail is collected on a regular basis as if you were home. Have someone cut your grass or shovel your walkway. Leave emergency contact numbers with a trusted neighbor. Equip your interior and exterior lights with timers.

In general, make sure your home looks lived in even when you’re not there. It must always look occupied.

When done properly, the above mentioned home security tips can help you in establishing effective and solid protection for your home and family.

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