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Home Security Solutions, How To Secure Your Valuables

Home Security Solutions For Your Valuables

There are many home security solutions available for protecting your valuables and possessions. It all depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it. The first thing you need to do is understand how a burglar thinks.


When a burglar enters a home, he wants to spend the least amount of time there as possible. They prefer to steal smaller items like jewelry and cash. Basically anything that can be carried with ease.

Experienced burglars know exactly where to look. They know where most people tend to hide valuables. They can break into your home and be out the door with your priceless possessions in no time at all.

Now, let’s cover some of the home security solutions that are out there. Let’s see what you can do to protect your valuables…



Diversion Safes –  Diversion safes are hollowed-out containers that are designed to look like regular everyday household products or items. They can be anything from cans of food, to cleaning products, to a wall outlet, to a can of shaving cream.

A diversion safe allows you to store and hide valuables in plain site. You can put your jewelry in a hollowed-out can of soda and store it in the fridge in plain site next to the milk and orange juice. It’s designed to look so real that it can even fool a burglar. They are also referred to as concealment devices.


Engraving Pens – Another great way to protect your valuables is to buy a simple electric engraving pen, and engrave your information on each item. Ask your local law enforcement agency what information is best to engrave (name, social security/insurance number, driver’s license number, etc). Then take a picture of each engraved item.

Make a list of all the items, (their description, and their engraved serial number), and send that list along with all the pictures to your insurance company. If your valuables get stolen, they become more difficult for the thieves to sell because they have traceable serial numbers on them.

If the police find your valuables, they can trace down the serial numbers and return them to you. If your valuables never get found, your insurance company will at least have all the information it requires about the items that were stolen. These simple home security solutions could go a long way towards reaching a settlement whereby you can be reimbursed for your losses by the insurance company.


Home Security Safes – Another way to secure your valuables is to invest in a home security safe. They are designed to protect against burglary attempts. Most are also designed to  withstand fire damage, flood damage, and other forms of environmental damage as well.

Home security safes can safeguard your important documents, your jewelry, your money, and anything else of value. If you prefer even more security, consider renting a safety deposit box at you local bank.

Strong Boxes – The most important of all your items should be stored in a strong box or a safety deposit box as it’s commonly referred to. Things like

  • Deeds to property
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Mortgage and loan agreements
  • Insurance policies
  • Etc

Strong boxes should not contain things that you may need right away in an emergency. Things like your passport or a power of attorney agreement. Keep in mind that banks do not insure  the contents of strong boxes.

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