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Home Security Signs, Preventing Burglaries Before They Happen

Home Security Signs, What You Should Know

Home security signs and home security stickers are highly effective tools in the fight against home burglary attempts and break-ins. Quite simply, they work.


Even if you don’t have a home security system in place (which you should), they give the illusion that you do. Basically, they’re preventative security measures. They help stop the burglary attempt before the thief can get started.

What you should know about yard security signs and stickers is outlined in the following three section. The sections cover the psychology behind these signs, their correct usage, and what to look for when purchasing.

How And Why They Work –  Home security yard signs and home security stickers discourage would-be burglars and thieves. They send out a very loud and clear message that this particular home is just too much trouble to rob.



Every thief’s goal is to break into your home, rob your possessions, and leave as fast as possible without getting caught.

Your home becomes very unappealing to these people when your security signs indicate that you have a home security system, or security cameras recording all movement.

The mere thought of their actions being recorded or the sounding off of an ear-piercing alarm is enough to send them on their way in search of an easier target.

Where To Place Them –  Security lawn signs should be placed in highly visible locations. They don’t need to necessarily be in the center of the yard, but they need to be in full view.


They can be placed on the front and back lawn close to the house. If your yard is equipped with night spotlights, check to see that the spotlights actually illuminate the signs at night.

The signs can also be placed near flowerbeds and first floor windows. Make sure that in the months to come however, that the growing plants or flowers won’t obstruct them.

Home security stickers can be placed on all exterior doors and windows. They can even be placed on a visible area of your home’s garage door. Don’t go crazy and plaster home security stickers everywhere. One per door and window will suffice.

Types To Buy – Do it yourself home security systems usually include window and door security stickers but not the security lawn signs. Those you’ll have to purchase separately. They’re not expensive.


The security lawn signs that come with an aluminum stake already attached are your best bet. The stake is about 24 to 36 inches long and won’t rust while it’s in the ground or because of the weather.

The actual home security sign can be anywhere from 8 x 12 inches or more. It should be made of durable polyethylene or vinyl that is UV resistant to prevent against fading.

Home security stickers should peel cleanly off the backing paper and come with a semi-aggressive adhesive. This adhesive will ensure that they have an almost permanent application until they are ready to be removed and used somewhere else.

You should purchase the home security decals that are considered face-adhesive. They are stuck from the inside of the window facing out. Just like your security lawn sign, make sure your home security stickers are manufactured with UV inks to prevent them from fading.

Security lawn signs and stickers are wonderful tools for preventing burglaries before they happen.

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