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Home Security Alarm Monitoring Options, Choosing The Right One

Your Home Security Alarm Monitoring Options

Over the past few years, home security alarm monitoring methods have evolved to provide you with even more monitoring options than before.


You can now exercise greater control over your home’s security by deciding how it will be monitored, and who will be doing the monitoring.

One size (or one alarm monitoring method) does not fit all. It never did. Everyone have different security needs because everyone’s situation is unique. You can now choose the monitoring option that works best for you. The one that best fits your specific security needs.

Your alarm system monitoring options can be broken down into three major categories. They are as follows…


Central Station Monitoring – The most common practice is to have an alarm company monitor your alarm system through their central monitoring station.

This usually means that you will have to buy the alarm company’s security system. Usually not a do-it-yourself model. Trained professionals will keep a watchful eye on the status of your alarm system 24hrs a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.

The benefits are that most company monitored alarm systems now connect to the central monitoring station via the wireless cellular network. Even if your telephone land line is cut or damaged, your alarm system can still communicate with the central station.

The drawbacks are the monthly monitoring fees that everyone pays to these home security companies. Most alarm companies will also try to lock you into a 2-3 year contract.

If you’re considering this home security alarm monitoring option, make sure that the do-it-yourself home alarm system you purchase meets the standards of the alarm company and that they’re willing to monitor it before you buy it. Some companies prefer to monitor their proprietary system only and will try to sell you a system. Others are more flexible.


Stand-Alone Monitoring – With stand-alone monitoring, there are no monthly fees or contracts to sign. It’s a money saving practice that’s gaining popularity.

Today’s do-it-yourself home alarm system packages include a voice dialer that makes stand-alone monitoring possible. You pre-program the dialer with a personal message and a list of
phone numbers to call when the alarm is tripped. (Usually friends,
relatives, a trusted neighbor, your cell phone, etc.) The person who gets the call from the dialer determines if the situation merits calling the local authorities or not.

Your home security monitoring system is stand-alone. There is no person monitoring it 24/7 like in central station monitoring. The drawbacks are that voice dialers use your home’s land line to call out. If that line is cut or damaged, they cannot call for help.

If you’re considering this home security review option, make sure that the
do-it-yourself home alarm system you purchase has a built-in dialer.
Most do.


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Technology Based Monitoring – Technology now allows us to configure our home alarm systems in new ways.

Once configured, your alarm system can send an SMS text message to your cellular notifying you about a disturbance at home.

It can send an email to your laptop notifying you of a possible break-in. You can then use that same cell phone or laptop to control the system remotely whether it’s re-setting the alarm, or simply disarming it.

You can add video cameras and record the monitoring of your home. You can add security cameras and monitor your home through home video surveillance. Once configured, these devices can of course be controlled remotely via the Internet.

These methods are beyond the basics of DIY home security alarm systems and our purposes here. They’re mentioned so as to give you an idea of what’s possible in terms of do-it-yourself home security systems.

If these methods of home security alarm monitoring appeal to you, then keep them in mind when choosing your home alarm system. As always plan now for any future upgrades to your system, and make sure that the do-it-yourself home alarm system you choose allows for these add-ons.

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