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Home Security Advice, Learn How To Secure The Inside Of Your Home

Interior Home Security Advice

The following home security advice is about creating a secure inner home environment. It will help you secure your home and protect your family from any possible outside threats.

In today’s world, the possibility of a home burglary attempt or an intruder break-in is a reality that we all live with. It happens, and it could happen to you. There are however a few home security diy measures that you can implement. Measures that may prevent you from becoming just another victim or just another statistic. Also remember that when it comes to protecting your home and family, one of the most important (and most often overlooked) strategies of home security advice is to apply simple, everyday common sense .

Take a look at these statistics from both the USA and overseas.


Lock Doors And Windows – As simple as it sounds, doors and windows should be kept locked at all times. This is equally true if you’re:


  • home in the day.
  • home alone at night.
  • just stepping out for a short while.

The majority of burglars gain access to a house through an unlocked door or window. And it happens in under 60 seconds. You can invest in a good quality window lock or door lock but, it’s point-less if you don’t use it. Remember this piece of home security advice as well…keep your garage door locked. The same goes for all other exterior structures on your property.

Motion Detectors And Panic Buttons – Your DIY alarm system should be equipped with motion detectors. They offer great interior security when you’re home and you choose to arm the alarm only in certain areas (commonly called zones) of your home. Area where you will not be walking in (like the basement, the downstairs living room, etc). If a burglar breaks into any one of the areas (or zones), the motion detectors will sense the movement and trigger the alarm immediately.


Your DIY alarm system should also be equipped with a panic button. Once you press it, it sets off the alarm. Depending on how your alarm is
setup, it notifies the local authorities that you need help. This is useful home security advice and life-saving home security equipment you need to have. In the event that a burglar enters your home while you are there, and you can’t get to a phone, the panic button can call the police for you.


Recorded Greeting – The recorded greeting on your answering machine or message center, should never imply that your not home or that you live alone. It should say that your “too busy” to come to the phone at the moment. Record it with some background noise like people talking. This home security diy tip is very easy to apply and highly effective.


Sound You Car Alarm – Are you worried about burglars and prowlers outside your home? Especially at night while you’re sleeping? What you can do is keep your car keys on your night table beside your bed. If you do hear a disturbance, you can sound your car alarm. It’s going to create a whole lot of noise. A screeching car alarm, and bright headlights flashing on and off in the middle of the night is a huge deterrent for any burglar or prowler. It’s usually more than enough to get them running off in the opposite direction very quickly. Simple and effective home security advice. This is how your car alarm can double as home security equipment.


Plan Home Security And Safety – You also need to create a home security plan in the event of a break-in while the family is home. You need to clearly establish what to do, and what not to do. What security measures each family member will take. You need to discuss home safety tips with your family and loved ones. The discussion should focus on things like:

  • What to do in the event of a fire?
  • What to do in the event of carbon monoxide poisoning?
  • How to get out of the house?
  • Where to meet?


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Greeting Visitors – Never open the door to anyone you are not sure of. Install peepholes and an intercom system in your entrance doors. These two home security diy safety measures are easy to implement. You’ll be able to see who it is and  ask them what they want, before you open the door. Have sales people and technical people properly identify themselves before they enter your home. If you’re unsure, ask them for their employee number and call the company they claim to work for. Get the number from 411, not the stranger. And then of course, ask the companies if that particular employee does actually works for them, and why they are visiting your home.

This is how home invasions occur. Intruders try to get you to open the door by posing as someone else and winning over your trust. If the unknown person or persons didn’t call you in advance to make an appointment for their visit, they have no business in your home.

Take this home security advice to heart, and don’t be shy to send strangers away. Your personal security and the security of your home and family may depend on it.

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