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Fire Prevention, A Directory Of Supplies, Services And Resources

Fire Prevention Avoiding The Incident

Find the Fire Prevention products and services you’re looking for in the Listings below.

This type of security can be defined as the home safety measures one must take to avoid the accidental setting of a fire. It’s also known as “Avoiding The Incident”.

The best home safety plans explain not only what do to avoid the setting of a fire, but also what to do if one does occur. They also include and strongly emphasize the execution of regularly scheduled fire drills.

Click here for a free Guide to Fire Safety Planning . The guide is provided by the government of Canada. It includes information on Model Fire Safety Plans, Evacuation Methods, and an assortment of helpful links and safety checklists.

In this directory page you will be able to find the home security and safety businesses, websites and stores that provide the information, resources, products and services you’re looking for.



Education and awareness are the answer. They are the key resources that should always accompany the available products and services.

Available products can include anything from smoke alarms, to carbon monoxide detectors, to home security lights.

Available services can include anything from your local fire department, to specialized companies, to the monitoring of your home fire alarm.

Fires claim the lives of thousands of people every year and cause millions of dollars in damage and devastation. Being ready and knowing what to do in can save your live. The goal of this directory page is to help you locate the safety systems and preventative products and/or services that you’re searching for.

The following listings are in alphabetical order so as to better help you find what you’re looking for. Click on the name of the listing that interests you and you’ll be taken to that listing’s directory page.


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