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Fake Security Cameras, Effective Low Cost DIY Security

How To Use Fake Security Cameras Effectively

Fake security cameras are excellent low-cost alternatives to real cameras. They are great substitutes when real security cameras become too expensive or simply unnecessary in all locations. They are also referred to as dummy security cameras, or imitation security cameras.

The great thing about them is that they’re very easy to install and require very little (if any) maintenance.


Used in the right way, this type of camera can become a highly effective  DIY security device. It can help deter criminal activity before it happens and it can help establish solid security for your home.

But in order to do this it must first:

  1. Become part of your total home security solution.
  2. Look real.
  3. Be highly visible.

1. Part Of Your Total Security Solution – Dummy security cameras by themselves provide very little in the way of home security. They can intimidate and fool criminals into thinking that they’re being watched and recorded. But, that’s all.

They provide nothing in the way of real home security. They are of course better than no security at all.


A highly effective way to use fake security cameras is use them in conjunction with other real security measures.

Making them a part of your total home security solution will allow you to take full advantage of their benefits.

If a dummy security camera does not deter the criminal, the other security measures that are in place will offer adequate security and protection for your home.

Today’s DIY home security camera kits support this way of thinking. A typical DIY imitation camera kit can include two dummy security cameras. They can easily be added to and become a part of your existing security system.
2. Look Real – Your imitation security camera needs to look real in order to be effective.  Keep in mind that not all fake security cameras are created equal.

The really cheap ones will save you a few dollars but in the long run, if they don’t look authentic they’re not worth it. Criminals can determine the validity of a fake camera by its lens and cable.


The inexpensive imitation security cameras have a cheap plastic lens. They also have a thin cable running to the camera. They look terribly phony, and they don’t fool anyone.

The better imitation security cameras come with real lenses and a thicker cable. This thick cable gives the illusion that it contains two smaller cables inside it. One for the power, and the other for the video signal.

Some also include:

  • Small internal motors that simulate the pan-and-tilt motion.
  • Motion sensors to initiate the pan-and-tilt motion.
  •  An actual exterior camera casing.

They cost a little more, but they are well worth it.

Make sure you also choose the right type of dummy security camera for the right job. The camera should never look out of place. An exterior home security camera should look like an exterior home security camera.

It should include an adjustable mounting bracket and aluminum weatherproof housing.

3. Highly Visible – In order for a fake security camera to intimidate a would-be criminal, it needs to be highly visible.


Highly visible security cameras (imitation or not) have a huge effect on the way people behave. They influence what people are willing to do or not do.

The mere presence of a security camera informs everyone that they’re being watched. It gives them the uneasy feeling that their every move is being recorded.

This can be a huge deterrent to a criminal who prefers to remain anonymous. It can also discourage a home break-in before it occurs.

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