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Door Security Systems, Your Products And Services Directory Page

Door Security Systems, What You Can Do

The Door Security Systems products and services you’re looking for can be found in the Door Security Listings below.

These systems are designed to reinforce and strengthen the doors of a home because they are usually the easiest and weakest points entry. A skilled intruder can easily kick his way into a home in less than a second (34% through the front entrance).

Home security doors can be fitted with a variety of security options. Among these options, the best by far is a security kit.



A regular kit includes two to three metal plates. These plates are installed on the edges of the door to reinforce and protect the hinges.

An additional plate is installed on the opposite middle edge of the door to protect the doorknob and lock. The last metal plate is installed on the frame of the door to reinforce the door jab and prevent the lock from being kicked in.

Other security measures include double cylinder locks, peep holes, door pins, and Charlie bars. Visit the Home Door Security page for a more detailed look at what you can do.

Protecting your home by better protecting your doors is possible if you have access to proven systems and resources. The focus of this directory page is to make these systems and resources available to you. Here you will find the home security businesses, websites and stores that provide the door locks and door security solutions you’re looking for.

The listings are in alphabetical order so as to better help you find what you’re looking for. Click on the name of the listing that interests you and you’ll be taken to that listing’s directory page.

Door Security Listings

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