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Do It Yourself Home Security Systems, No-Cost Installation

Do It Yourself Home Security Systems Offer Incredible Benefits

Today’s do it yourself home security systems cost much less than traditional company installed home alarm systems and offer great protection.

They’re simple to use, easy to install and configure, and can be upgraded to include the newest safety features.

It’s about what you can do, and they offer incredible rewards and benefits when it comes to protecting your home and family.


Benefits, Rewards, and Advantages

They Cost Less – Do it yourself home security systems save you
the installation cost because you’re the one doing the setup. They can
range in price anywhere from $75 – $100 for base models all the way up
to thousands of dollars.

One of the reasons standard alarm company systems are more expensive is
due to the installation cost. It costs the company money to have their
technician install your security system, and they pass the expense on to

This cost is always included somewhere in the price even
when alarm companies offer free installation in their marketing pitch.
Obviously, no one is going to work for free.

They Eliminate Scare Tactics –  Asking an alarm company for a quote on a security system means that they will send a sales representative to your home. In this business, it’s common practice for sales reps to use scare tactics to get you to buy the security system.

They’ll mention recent increases in burglaries, and how important it is to keep your family and home safe. They’ll stress the importance of purchasing a complete system and how their system is the best thing since sliced bread.

Do it yourself home security systems allows you to make the right decision without scare tactics or pressure from a sales person. You can take your time, research the diy security systems that are available on the market, and choose the home protection system that right for you.

They Are Easy To Setup – There are two basic setups that you can choose from: wireless diy security systems and hardwired diy security systems.

Wireless diy home security systems are very easy to install.  A standard diy kit includes the control panel, a primary keypad, and doors and window contacts. The instructions are setup to be step-by-step. Most diy kits also come with an instructional CD illustrating each step. This makes installation a snap.

Hardwired diy home security systems require more work, and a higher skill level because of the wires you need to install throughout the house. As above, a standard diy kit includes a control panel, a keypad, and doors and window contacts. You also need to have the right tools. Hardwired alarm systems are a good choice if you like working with your hands and know your way around tools.

They Allow You To Learn The System –  As you install your security system, you will learn how the system actually works. You will familiarize yourself with every component you install, and you will also set the parameters for the system.

This provides you with a better understanding of your home’s security strengths and weaknesses, and reduces the amount of times you set off the alarm by accident.

When an alarm company installs your home alarm system, they give you a brief working run down and then hand you the manual (yes, you can call them at any time if you have a question).

However, when you install your alarm system, you acquire a deeper understanding. You acquire actual working knowledge.

They Can Be Upgraded – Depending on your personal situation; your security needs may change from one year to the next. Because they are designed to be upgradeable, do it yourself home security systems have the added advantage of allowing you to upgrade your system with the newest equipment available.

Some common upgrades may include carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, motion detectors, home video surveillance equipment, home security cameras, an alarm siren, strobe lights, and glass break sensors.

This allows you to build your home security system a step at a time choosing only the protection that’s required.

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More Than Just Home Alarm Systems

When we are talking about do it yourself home security systems, we’re referring to more than just home alarm systems. We can expand the definition to include complete home security.

This definition can cover everything from safety practices that you and your family can follow, to securing your doors with high quality locks, to trimming trees and hedges that obstruct windows, to installing exterior lights, motion detectors, lawn signs and window bars.

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