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10 Best Depository Safes – Top Picks and Reviews

Do you handle some sensitive documents or cash in the business world? It is good to know that you can now protect your documents using a depository safe. With a depository safe, you will be able to drop your documentation or cash inside. In addition, another party can access the documentation. Depository safes are essential more so when it comes to enhancing security between personnel and departments.

You can agree with me that the security of the business can be as diverse as the business itself. In case you deal with a lot of sensitive information concerning your clients, it would be advisable to look for a better way to handle such information. The most sensitive information includes payroll records such as worker’s social security numbers. There is no doubt you would not want the crucial information to land into the wrong hands. That’s where these depository safes come in. Keep in mind that these receptacles will keep your documents and valuable information out of harm.

It is quite easier to know who had handled the specific documentation package. There are numerous drop safe models in the market. These safes come with different configurations and also features. Have you been looking for the most reliable depository safes? You might be aware that it can be a tedious task researching and choosing the most suitable commercial depository safe to use in your workplace.

In addition, depository safes have proved that they can offer a secure solution more so when the most valuable items can’t be handled over in person. A reliable depository safe will keep your items secure until they have been collected by someone who is authorized to access the safe. We have been researching the strengths and weaknesses of different safe models in the market. After thorough research, our editors have recommended the following depository safes. All that you should know before purchasing the reviewed depository safes is that they have been thoroughly tested and are reliable to use. So, you are free to find the best depository safes.



Review of the Best Depository Safes

Stealth Drop Safe Ds2014

The manufacturer has combined security, storage capacity, and reliability in one safe. Typically, this depository safe has been designed with a UL approved type 1 electronic lock. In addition, it comes with the highly regarded steel door. This is an ideal choice if you have been looking for a top depository safe that provides an extremely high level of security.

Away from that, a solid steel locking bolt has been included in this safe. Besides that, the thick steel body improves security. If this is not yet enough, this safe comes with anti-fish baffles and the preferred recessed deposit door. Furthermore, you will be provided with a B-Rate qualifying container. What makes this depository safe unique from the rest? It can be hard to come across a safe design with a recessed deposit door.

People prefer large depository safes. If that is one of your preferences, then you should go for this depository safe. It has a larger storage capacity when compared to popular safes such as Steelwater and AMSEC. The safe that has been made in the United States of America has been manufactured with impeccable quality. Unlike most depository safes in the market, this model has cast iron hinges.

Last but not least, it features an advanced hopper design. Unfortunately, the price of this safe has been going up for the last couple of years. This disqualifies it as a commercial safe. However, it makes a lot of sense purchasing it rather than dealing with low-quality depository safes that will not guarantee your information safety. The original models of this safe had an issue with the bolt detent system getting stuck. Fortunately, the manufacturer has fixed this defect. This has made the safe even more reliable. The electronic lock in this safe has gone through tens of thousands of cycles.

When it comes to the customer response, most responses have been favoring regarding the reliability of this safe.

10 Best Depository Safes 1 Stealth Drop Safe Depository Vault DS4020FL12 Made in USA


  • It features iron hinges that will last for years,
  • It comes with an advanced locking system.
  • It is manufactured with high-quality steel.


  • It is an expensive drop box.
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Viking VS 40DS

It is arguably the new kid on the block. Since this safe was manufactured several years ago, it has been getting raving reviews from multiple customers. In terms of size, this depository safe has been designed in small size when compared to other safes in this list. As you purchase this depository safe, you should be guaranteed that it is economical to its name. Although this safe has a height of 20 feet, it will still fit a full-size deposit bag.

It is among the very few depository safes that come with the non-rated electronic lock but still delivers the expected performance. The safe maker has incorporated motorized locking bolts similar to those that have been used to manufacture other safes in this list. In most cases, cheap safes are designed with a solenoid lock. You can open the safe by just banging the top of it. However, the presence of motorized locking bolts in this safe means that it will have an extra sense of security.

Furthermore, this safe has been made with an override key. People who have purchased it in the past have praised it as an excellent safe that will keep your employee’s hands away from excess cash for the day. The door thickness is 5mm. Be assured that it is a vast economical depository safe if you have been searching for a reliable safe to keep your employees from being worried. The last feature that will impress you is the internal light. This feature is essential simply because it will help you see your money.

10 Best Depository Safes 2 Viking Security Safe VS--40DS Depository Safe Keypad


  • Several override keys have been included in this safe.
  • It has been designed with an inner light.
  • It features motorized locking bolts.


  • Its lock is non-rated.

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American Security DSF 2014

Do you know that American Security Products is the biggest manufacturer of commercial safes not only in the United States of America but also in the world? People prefer purchasing their products simply because they have been manufacturing high-quality safes for the last 70 years. With the kind of quality they deliver to their dedicated customers, it is very clear that they have learned several things about making safes. Unfortunately, the highly regarded American Security Products manufacturers have gone the trending China way of manufacturing numerous safes overseas. This forces us to rely on Chinese quality.

If you are a true safe enthusiast, you can attest that indeed the company imported lines have had a bad reputation. What are the essential security features that the manufacturer has included in this depository safe? To enhance security, the safe maker has included a door. In addition to that, a steel locking bolt has been included. What was the main essence of including additional locking bolts? The locking bolts are very helpful in adding pry resistance. Although it is a nice feature, it does not increase the security of this safe.

The American based company has not done much in terms of reliability. It is the biggest weakness is this specific product. Most of the sellers who deal with this safe have complained about USES ESL5 lock. It is good to know that this type of lock is considered the least reliable type of lock in the world. We have witnessed many people having a lot of issues with this lock. What is the storage capacity in this depository safe? It is quite identical to the Stealth although it is smaller.

10 Best Depository Safes 3 American Security Drop Safe DSF2014 ESL10XL AMSEC High Security Depository Vault


  • Steel locking bolt to enhance security.
  • This product is pry-resistant.


  • The manufacturer has failed in terms of reliability.

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Mesa Safe MFL3020EE

You might have searched for a drop safe featuring a frontloading hopper for the last couple of years. If that is the case, you should go for this safe. The best thing about this safe is that it has been manufactured with a good layout, which is quite similar to that of a mailbox. This makes it a perfect choice besides being easy to use.

In addition, this depository safe has an electronic lock that is battery operated. Away from that, the relocking device has been loaded for superior performance. What is the role of the anti-fish baffle in this depository safe? With this feature, an intruder will not be able to use the door as a mean of accessing the contents of the safe either when it has been closed or locked.

In terms of construction, it is among the sturdiest models in the market. The walls in this safe have been made with 12 gauge. The presence of the steel construction in this safe means that you should be guaranteed of a durable safe that will serve you for numerous years. The manufacturer has also put special attention on the door. Usually, the safe door is approximately an inch thick.

Are you aware that you can input multiple codes as needed? This allows the users to store multiple codes at any time. In addition, you have the full freedom to set up the safe in a way that it can be opened with one code. You can consider setting it in a way that the codes are input in a unique combination. This requires more than two people to be present. Similar to other products from top manufacturers, this depository safe features override keys. This means that you don’t have to worry about locking yourself permanently.  Override key is an essential feature that can’t be ignored since you can use it when something goes wrong with the access codes.

10 Best Depository Safes 4 Mesa Safe MFL3020EE Depository Safe, 1.4 Top and 2.2 Bottom Interior Cubic feet, 2 Compartments


  • It features steel construction.
  • It has been made with 12 gauge steel.
  • You can have multiple codes at any time.


  • People have been complaining much about the locks.

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Digital Electronic Cash Drop

The digital electronic contribution to this list mainly serves as a depository cash box. What are the most crucial features that the manufacturer has included in this safe? Usually, the door features a cut-out slot. Therefore, you can easily slide the currency in. In addition, the door is two inches thick. This makes it a spacious model that can hold more than two shelves inside.

Keep in mind that no combination is required in this depository safe. What you should be aware of when purchasing this model is that it has digital access. The digital access features mean that it is easy to deal with pin numbers. Furthermore, the manufacturer has not forgotten the master key so that anyone who forgets the codes can’t get a hard time trying to access the safe.

10 Best Depository Safes 5 Digital Electronic Cash Drop Cash Deposit Safe for Retail Businesses Security Vault Box Depository Safe Slot Slotted Safe


  • The cut-out slot allows you to slide coins with great ease.
  • It can hold more than two shelves inside.
  • It comes with digital access features.


  • It will be tough accessing your safe in case you forget the codes.

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Mountable Cash Drop Box With Tamperproof Slot

If maximum security is your peace of mind, then this is the perfect choice. It has been manufactured with high quality steel construction. In addition, pry-resistant hinges have been included. Away from that, the drop box maker has included a tamper proof blade under the deposit slot. Finally, it is very easy mounting this drop box safe.

10 Best Depository Safes 6


  • It is manufactured with sturdy steel.
  • It is easy to install.


  • The lock is not so strong. You can bend it by hand.

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Adir Office Large Key Drop Box

From a close look, it is a sleek storage solution. You can use this drop box for temporary storage and for storing key drops and cash envelopes. In addition, it boasts of high quality construction. The popular storage solution has been made with quality steel material. The construction allow it to serve you for many years. Moreover, this drop box has been manufactured with a tamper resistant.

10 Best Depository Safes 7 AdirOffice Outdoor Large Key Drop Box


  • It is a secure drop box.
  • High quality construction.


  • The screws provided by the manufacturer are inadequate.

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Durabox Wall Mount Locking Drop Box

This drop safe comes with durable steel construction. It will provide secure all-day depositing of valuable. You can store remotes, small envelopes, and car keys in this safe. This drop box model has been designed to be mounted on the wall. Away from that, the drop box slot opening can accommodate items up to 7 inches thick.

10 Best Depository Safes 8 DuraBox Wall Mount Locking Deposit Drop Box Safe (W500) (Gray)


  • It comes with durable steel construction.
  • You can easily mount this drop box on the wall.
  • It is easy to install.


  • This unit is not rainproof.
  • It is not ideal for keeping large mail items such as manila.

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Casart Double Door Safe Box

The manufacturer has paid more attention to the security details by including the digital lock. You need to have an emergency key to open the door in case you forget your password. In addition, this product comes with several keys. This is another safety protection. Moreover, this product has been built with heavy-duty steel construction. You can keep your valuable documents, guns, and other essential items.

10 Best Depository Safes 9 7804 Paragon Lock & Safe CashKing Digital Depository Drop Safe .54 CF Cash Heavy Duty


  • It has been made with a digital lock.
  • It comes with several emergency keys.
  • It boasts of heavy-duty steel construction.


  • The internal safe dimensions are small.

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7804 Paragon Lock And Safe

You should look no further if you are considering a depository safe. We are delighted to introduce this fantastic safe for you. Where can you use this drop safe? It is the perfect choice when it comes to the office, home, or even work place. The manufacturer has designed it with an intention to have a compact and yet functional drop box. Typically, this safe will provide you with two options to open. You can either use the code or key.

10 Best Depository Safes 10 Casart Double Door Safe Box, Digital Safe Depository Drop Box with Keys for Home and Office, Security Lock Box for Gun, Cash and More


  • It is made with durable steel material.
  • It is a compact drop box.
  • It comes with two first options that include code and keys.


  • The dial has been made with plastic material. Therefore, it would be impossible to drill it.

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Before shopping for a drop safe, ask yourself:

What is the primary purpose of the depository safe? 

What will you be keeping in the depository safe? Will you be depositing cash in the drop safe? What are other forms of sensitive documentation would you want to keep in this safe? Can you estimate the largest package dimensions that you will keep in the safe? All these considerations will play a significant role in influencing the loading configuration.

Where will you locate the drop safe? This is the most crucial consideration you should never forget. In most cases, these types of safes are located inside walls. You can find them where deposits are made in one room and after that received in an adjoining room. Although it is quite rare, they can be fixed to the floor. Away from that, you will come across portable models too.

Who will be using your safe?

It is another vital question that many people ignore when choosing their safes. Which are the specific departments that are going to use this safe? Can you pinpoint the different security levels in the departments? Do the security personnel within the department know about safes? How often are the changes done within the departments?

Considerations for purchasing the right depository safe

Loading configuration

Which are the different types of loading configurations? There are several loading configurations. Top-loading, rear loading, and front-loading are considered as the most common models. Away from that, you can choose small depository safes or even drop depository safes. It is good to know that each of these categories comes with its pros and cons.

In case you have been searching for a safe model to keep cash and envelopes, you should go for front-loading safes. Top loading safes will also work perfectly for this purpose. Rear loading safe is the ideal choice if you want to install the safe between the two rooms. With a rear loading safe, a worker will be able to load the safe with cash while the worker on the receiving end can open the safe and remove the content inside the safe.

Top-loading safes are used by people with more substantial items. You can also go for this model if you want an extra level of security. In most cases, these safes have been designed ruggedly. What do you need to move the safe around your house regularly? Small drop boxes will work for you in that case.

Most of the interiors have been divided into two separate compartments. A door has been included for each. If you have a lot of trust with your employees who will be accessing your safes, you should consult them on the best loading coordination that will them. When you take such input into account, you will have boosted the efficiency while at the same time facilitating cooperation throughout your organization.

Solid and durable build

There is no doubt that durability and construction are the essential factors that you should always keep in mind when purchasing any type of safe. A durable and solid depository safe is manufactured with high-quality steel. It would be better if you purchase a depository safe that has been designed with concealed hinges. How can you know that the specific safe model is durable? You should look for the customer rating. A high rating will demonstrate that indeed the safe can resist tool attacks.

Easy to use deposit slot

Most depository safes are used numerous times in a day. Often, they are used by almost all employees who are in a rush to serve the next client. Therefore you should choose a safe that is easy to use. In that way, your employees will be able to make their deposits quickly. It would be hard for the employees to compromise with the security details in this safe if they can access the content inside with great ease.

Final thoughts 

You will be required to decide on the best type of lock. For this, you should consider your employees preferences. It is more likely that your employees will prefer keypad locks since it is quite hard to stand the combination locks. Also, you should think about the access profile. With this, you will be forced to go back and figure out the personnel who need to use the depository safe. And with this review article, you are now free to choose any of the above products based on your needs and preference. Also, you can ask anything concerning the above products. We will provide detailed explanation that will enable you to choose your best product.

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