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Apartment Security, How To Protect Your Living Space

Apartment Security: What You Can Do

Apartment security and apartment safety should be a
renter’s top concern.
In general, apartment complexes are busy places. People are often coming and
going. It’s difficult to keep track of who belongs there and who doesn’t.

To make matters worse, most apartments are empty during the daytime while the occupants are at work.

Many have little security measures in place, and tenants are reluctant to invest is an apartment security system that they wont be able to take with them when they move.

If an intruder can manage to be buzzed in, he may have access to the entire complex.

What can you do to establish solid apartment
security and prevent break-ins?


Get A Wireless Alarm System

Your first priority should be to get a DIY wireless alarm system for
your apartment. Most of today’s systems include the following features:


Simple Installation – They are easy to install. No special training is
required. All you have to do is follow the directions. You can also save a lot of money by doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional

Take It With You – Being wireless means you can take the alarm system
with you when you move. There are no wires to uninstall, and the sensors and
detectors are secured to the wall with double-sided sticky tape that can be
peeled off.

Secure Cellular Connection – They use a cellular connection (like your cell phone does) to call the monitoring station, or a contact number or to send an SMS/Email message depending on your monitoring preference.

Even if the apartment (or apartment building) phone lines are cut, the
system can still call for help.

Pay-As-You-Go – If you prefer to have your apartment alarm system
monitored, you can now avoid getting locked into a long-term contract with an
alarm company. Some companies now offer pay-as-you-go monthly monitoring
services. They usually start at about $14.99 a month. This is another apartment security option you may want to look into.

Not all alarm companies will monitor the DIY alarm system of a
competitor. Some require you to get their proprietary system. Ask before
you purchase.

Secure Your Apartment

Apartment security doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple
things that you can do to make sure that your living space is safe and secure.


Change The Locks – The golden rule is to immediately change the
locks when you move into a new apartment. There is no telling how many people
(from previous tenants) have key access to your living space and possessions.

Secure Your Doors – Make sure your doors are solid and can
withstand an attempted break-in. Consider:

  • Installing Door Kits for added security.
  • Buy a good quality double cylinder lock (and/or deadbolt) with a solid strike plate for the front door.
  • Install a wide-angle peephole so you can see who is at your front door.
  • Secure your patio doors with door pins and Charlie bars.

Secure Your Windows – Make sure your windows cannot be jimmied or compromised from the
outside. Some of your options are to

  • Apply protective polyester window film on the glass panes
  • Install locks and sash pins on the fixed and sliding windows.
  • Have security bars installed over the window frame.
  • Install window alarm sensors.

Lock Doors & Windows – As simple as it sounds, make sure your doors and windows are always locked especially when your not home. Even today, the majority of burglars get in through unlocked doors and windows.

Avoid The Ground Floor – If possible, avoid renting ground floor or basement apartments. Aside from being more vulnerable to break-ins, would be intruders can also peep through your windows and violate your privacy.

Hide Your Identity – On the apartment building mailbox write only your last name. Never prefix it with Mr. Mrs. or Ms. No one should know if you live alone or what your marital status is. Depending on where you live, leaving your mailbox blank with no name at all may result in you never getting mail. Talk to your local post office.

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Practice Safe Living

In general you must practice safe living. You must be aware of your surrounding and know what’s going on in your building.


Know The Tenants – To some extent you must know your fellow tenants.
Know who belongs in the building and who doesn’t.

Elevator And Hallway Security – As you exit your apartment, look right and left down the hallway. Be aware of who is there and where the emergency exit staircase is. Elevators are closed spaces that you can’t easily escape from. Do not enter the elevator if you’re unsure of the people who are already in there.

As an added word of advice, always know where the alarm buttons are.

Laundry Room Security – The laundry room is usually located in the basement of the apartment complex. This can be an intimidating and remote location if you’re alone.

Try to do your laundry with another person, try to avoid being alone or let someone know that you’re down there and you’ll back soon. Make sure there is ample light in and around the room and always carry your cell phone with you.

Establishing solid apartment security and preventing break-ins is possible. It requires some work but your personal safety and security are well worth it.

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